At Egerton Vizslas, we breed from Champion bloodlines. We certify eyes, hearts, thyroids and have hips rated on our breeding stock. To insure health is being maintained, our dogs are given yearly physical checkups by our vet at which time shots are brought up to date. They are fed a high quality dog food and exercised regularly to keep them in top condition.

To insure you get the best puppy possible, we

  • breed only those dogs whose health checks meet our standards and are proven in Temperament, Conformation and Field
  • pick Stud to compliment and/or improve our lines
  • whelp, raise and socialize puppies in our home
  • have puppies vet checked at  7 - 8 weeks when  microchips are done and first needles are given
  • De worm at 3, 5 and 7 weeks to make sure puppies are parasite free
  • Puppy test at 7 weeks to gauge socialization, energy levels,conformation and natural ability
  • Invite you to come and meet our dogs (by appointment please) following COVID protocol
  • Encourage you to meet as many vizslas as you can, talk to owners and other breeders to make sure this is the dog for you

If you have been looking at many Vizsla sites, you will see over and over again "A Vizsla is not the dog for everyone". As Responsible Breeders, part of our commitment to our pups is to insure they get the best owners possible. We try to determine if a Vizsla is for you by asking questions such as

  • Have you owned a dog before? What breed? What happened to him/her?
  • Where did you hear about Vizslas? Have you met any?
  • Who will be the puppies main care giver? Who will take him/her out during the day?
  • How many people and pets currently in your household?
  • Do you plan on crate training the puppy?
  • Are you active?
  • Do you have access to "off lead" exercise for approximately one hour per day?
  • Are you planning on taking him/her to puppy classes? obedience classes?
  • Do you plan on putting titles on the puppy? If no, do you plan to spay/neuter?

Our Puppy Contract/Guarantee protects both you and the puppy with

  • a two year limited health guarantee (see our contract) 
  • a lifetime commitment of support for you and your puppy (as long as we are able)
  • a return policy if puppy does not work out, or you cannot keep him/her for some reason
  • for the protection of the puppy and the breed , a clause stating if you intend to breed Egerton Vizslas breeding standards must be met

Availability & Price

We are currently reviewing the price of our puppies.

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Photos depict B litter at 1 week, Panna, Tyson, Cara eyes open, Panna puppy testing at 7 weeks with Liz Outram

Breeding for Versatility
Our Conformation Champions hold Field Titles