About Vizslas

There are two breeds of Vizslas, Smooth Haired and Wire Haired.  At Egerton we  raise and breed Smooth.  If you would like to learn more about the Wires, we have included a link to their standard in our "links".  When we first started breeding I dont think there were any wires in Eastern Canada.  We saw our first ones in about 2003  at a dog show, not entered just there.  

As you browse around the websites featuring Vizslas, the one Phrase that will keep popping up is "A Vizsla is not the dog for everyone".  In speaking with breeders, you may notice the emphasis on exercise and training from most of them.

We at Egerton Vizslas also caution that these dogs need daily exercise as well as obedience training.  You get out of your dog what you put in.  As a rule, Vizslas love to swim, run, hunt, play with other animals.  They are quick to learn and eager to please.  They need to be part of the family, living in the house with you, cuddling on the sofa.  If they are not getting the attention they need, the training and exercise they need, you may find them too much dog for you. 

We welcome families with children as homes for our pups, but if you are an active family with children involved in sports most evenings and weekends, you have to ask yourself - do we have time for a dog? 

Breeding for Versatility
Our Conformation Champions hold Field Titles